Virtual Financial University – The Circle of Success


Live Training 6 Days Per Week Mon-Sat

Monday Morning Virtual Financial Full Timers 8:00 am PST

Monday Morning (WealthWave) Bill Mitchell MMLW 8:30 am PST

***TUESDAY: Live Virtual Financial Training w/Special Guests 5 - 6 pm PST***

Wednesday - WealthWaveONE Essentias Live Training 8 am PST

Thursday Virtual Financial Professionals Sales & Product Training 8 am PST

Friday (WealthWave) Leadership Live Training w/Special Guests 10 am PST

***SATURDAY: Live Virtual Financial Training w/Special Guests 8 - 9 am PST***

Saturday: Tiger Training (& optional Accountability) 9 (immed. after webinar) - 10 am PST

Live Calls and Valuable Training by the Founder
Sat 10:00 - 11:00am PST (immed. after Tiger)

*** = Required Trainings

Weekly Training Replay’s 24/7/365


Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday’s Training Replay Link:


Wednesday WealthWave 360 Online Marketing Replay Link



Friday WealthWave Leadership Live & VIP Green Carpet Day Replay Link:


VF Info Kit (VF Brochure & Article)


VF Getting Started
VF Getting Started 23 1002

Tier 1 ABC & Pivot Scripts 3.0
VF ABC and Pivot Scripts 23 0526


Tier 4 Launch pdf:

Tier 4 Handout 20 0908

VF Inviter Scripts 23-0526
VF Inviter Scripts 23-0526


The Magic Pivot Script (pgs. 62 & 75) 23-0515

Magic Pivot Script v. 2.7


**NEW** VF Roadmap 23-0511

VF Roadmap – Print Portrait


SVP in 90 Days / System Flowchart 23-0709
SVP in 90 Days 25.2


SVP  & Tier 3 Intro Tracker – MASTER Template

SVP & T3 Intro Tracking Sheet – 22-10


How Money Works FNA 2022

How Money Works FNA 220226


How Money Works Book Insert Templates & Invites Tracking Sheet (2 links)
1. How Money Works Book Inserts
2. HMW Books/Invitations Follow-Up Tracking Sheet


VF Referral Agent Script & System (2 links)
1. VF Referral Agent Script & Info
2. Referral Agent Video Training


NEW Tiger Program 2022

VF Tiger Sheet – August 2022 Forward



The Tier 1 A, B, C & Commitment with SVP Gary Baumbach


The Tier 2 Enrollment


The Tier 3 The Financial Needs Analysis 


The Tier 4 The Pre-Launch 



The Tier 5 The Recommend 


The Tier 6 Launch Campaign with SVP Gary Baumbach







Video 10- The CEO Club with Mike Hinsvark

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail





VIDEO TRAINING Build your Business by Referral -Referrals by Design & with Mike Hinsvark









VIDEO 11 – Wealth Wave Set-Up Functions & with SVP Anthony Gambale








VIDEO 12 – Wealth Wave Tools & Resources with SVP Anthony Gambale

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

VIDEO 13 – Virtual Financial Compensation Plan with Mike Hinsvark

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail


Below is the recording of this past Monday’s Leadership Webinar 08/24/2020 with SEVC  Bill Mitchell: The Psychology of Compensation. 

Click this Link to enroll in Access Pass


New 2021 Tiger School “Weekly Accountability” Training:

 New Getting Appointed to Transamerica Step by Step tutorial by Gary Baumbach

FAQ to address NIPR/Non-resident licensing and state fees. By Gary Baumbach

Direct deposit set up Step by Step Tutorial with Greg Ludwick
Sign up for Direct Deposit  (Login to before clicking link)